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Are you a Toledo area business looking for Valentine flowers to enhance your reception area or conference room?

We specialize in corporate accounts, and work hard to offer the highest quality at the best delivered price.

Compare and Save on Valentine's Day Flowers

Below is a price comparison table containing many of the other local Toledo area florists 2006 Valentine's Day prices for you to compare. In addition to information compiled from the florists websites, we also have information from brochures and flyers, and visited some of the flower shops in person. Prices listed are those on the website address highlighted below the Toledo florist's name as they appeared on February 10, 2006. Since prices can change on websites, we'll be happy to provide you a screen capture taken on 2-10-06 of  the referenced page. Just copy the highlighted address and send us an e-mail. Sales tax was calculated by us on the product and the delivery charge, as would be the case for Michigan sales tax.. Since we are located in Michigan, we do not collect Ohio sales tax at this time.

2006 Valentine's Day Prices

One Dozen Premium Long Stem Red Roses in Vase

Local Delivering Florist

Dozen with Basic Greenery

Toledo/Sylvania Delivery Fee

6.75% Ohio Sales Tax Total Mylar Balloons (Extra) Accent Flowers (Extra)  

$44.95 $5.00 $0.00 $47.95 $2.99


This year, we are using premium 70cm grade "Freedom" red roses.

Bartz Viviano
product.asp?id=24150 (2-10-06)

$59.95 $7.95 $4.58 $72.48 $3.95 $10.00  

Kens Flower Shop
product.asp?id=65965 (2-10-06)

$69.95 $8.95 $5.33 $84.23 $4.99 $9.95 Accent flower price quoted by salesclerk during store visit

Meadow's Florist
product.asp?id=34529 (2-10-06)

$79.95 $6.95 $5.87 $92.77 Unknown Unknown  

Hafner Florist

$69.95 $7.50 $5.23 $82.68 Unknown Unknown  

Schramm's Flowers
/product.asp?id=34529 (2-10-06)

$90.00 $9.95 $6.75 $106.90 Unknown Unknown  

Manzel Flowers
product.asp?id=34529 (2-10-06)

$90.00 $7.50 $6.58 $104.08 $4.99 Unknown  

Joe I Cooper Florist
product.asp?id=34529 (2-10-06)

$90.00 $7.00 $6.55 $103.55 $4.99 Unknown  
Rivereast Flower Shop
product.asp?id=34529 (2-10-06)

$64.95 $8.00 $4.92 $77.87 Unknown Unknown  
The Flower Connection
purchase.php?iName=ProdHOL_vd&iNum=1 (2-10-06)

$75.00 $8.00 $5.60 $88.60* Unknown Unknown When ordering, an additional service fee of $4.99 is added (
Ansted-Schuster Florist

.com/site/product.cfm?id=CA8BC351-B0D0-3D92-318B6E417C6FA3D5 (2-10-06)

$74.50 $7.95 $5.57 $88.02 $5.00 Unknown  
Lee Winters Florist
product.asp?id=34529 (2-10-06)

$90.00 $6.95 $6.55 $103.50 $4.99 Unknown  
Prescott Florist

/product.asp?id=34529 (2-10-06)

$44.99 $3.99 $3.31 $52.29 Unknown Unknown  
Nature's Flowers & Gifts
/product.asp?id=34529 (2-10-06)

$59.95 $6.00 ? $65.95 $4.99 Unknown Nature's is located just North of Toledo, in Michigan. It's unknown if they collect OH Sales Tax
Shinkle's Flower Shop
/product.asp?id=34529 (2-10-06)

$90.00 $60.00 ? $96.00 $4.99 Unknown Shinkle's is located north of Toledo in Michigan. It's unknown if they collect OH Sales Tax

All calculations are deemed to be accurate, but not guaranteed. We do not have knowledge of the specific varieties or grade of roses used by many of these florists. For our floral arrangements, we use the best available grades of flowers from local Toledo wholesale distributors including Cleveland Plant and Flower, Hills Floral Group, and DWF Toledo Florists.